[Fix Input Popup Losing Focus] I don't understand what problem you try to fix with this component
Forge component by Leonardo Pires
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I installed your component and the demo tried it.

Then I removed the FixInput block from the Demo screen, and tried again, I get the same behavior.

I miss the point what the javascript that is executed on OnRender needs to fix, as without your fix I don't lose focus on the input either.




I actually have the problem of the input losing focus after each key press. Altough this component actually solves that problem, the remaining popup is not working - e.g. buttons don't work.


Hi Pedro!
I just published a new version, fixing the button bug, could you test it and give me feedback?

Hi Leonardo,

Thank you very much for your feedback and action to update the component!

I have solved the original issue by adding to the input an extended property autofocus with the value "autofocus".

I hope it helps others with the same error :)


Pedro Louro

Hi Pedro,

Thanks for your feedback, I hope it helps other people, and that it can be useful for someone

Hi Daniel!

This bug occurs in some free personals, it is not at all that this happens, it is a reactive application specific bug, which occurs inside a popup, specifically in a text type input.

With each character you type, the input loses focus, the purpose of this component is to fix this bug, you may have tested it, and obtained an unsatisfactory result, but this bug does not happen with everyone.

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