Warning when publishing/ deploying the application

Hi Team,

When we try to publish or deploy the code to higher versions we are facing the below warnings:

1Incomplete Upgrade: Module 'OutsystemsUIWeb' was deployed with an old OutSystems Server version. Please publish 'Charts' to fix it.

Incomplete Upgrade: Module 'Users' was deployed with an old OutSystems Server version. Please publish 'Users' to fix it.

Incomplete Upgrade: Module 'RichWidgets' was deployed with an old OutSystems Server version. Please publish 'RichWidgets' to fix it.

We tried re-publishing the solution, but these warnings are still there.

Kindly help us to fix the above warnings. Also, please let us know if this can be an issue as we have a production release scheduled. 

Thanks in advance! 


Neha Agrawal

Hello Neha,

I understand you have republished the solution, but just to clarify, did you go to each of those modules in Service Center one by one, then under the 'Versions' tab, click the top most 'Publish' button? (the top most entry will have the 'Published' checked already)

Hope this helps, but if it does not solve your problem, I would recommend contacting Support as you have a production release scheduled and it is possible you may not get a timely resolution from the Forum per se.

Best regards


Hello Neha.

Adding to what A.J. said, because you mentioned a Solution, just do "include dependencies" in the solution and republish it. That way all the modules consumed will get republished.

You will have the same problem in production so upload it as a solution (not ideal) or find/create a solution with those 3 modules and republish it. It will take a while if the factory is big, so check it will the responsible in advance.


Hi Neha,

In my environment, we also use the publish solution file when deploying from staging cloud to on premise production server.

In my case, after the solution is published, i need to open the app from service studio and refresh the dependencies so that it will use the production component version.

Hope it helps



Adding to what is already written by others on how to republish all modules. We where recently faced with the same.issues at a customer where OutSystems performed their latest platform maintenance operation. 

Normally such an operation has no impact on your factory in regards to the fact that you need to republish modules.

However, in the automatic mail notice they sent that they finished the operation per environment it was stated that each main module of a mobile application needed to be republished.

Furthermore we got all these true change warnings about and incomplete platform upgrade.

After consulting OutSystems about this they concluded 

1. That the statement in the email was incorrect and there should not be written that modules needed to be republished

2. Therefore they immediately adjusted the email content for further platform operations on other cloud infra environments already scheduled. 

3. The true change warnings should not have happened. There was no platform upgrade. These warnings are incorrect. OutSystems are investigating this. I didn't got feedback from them what the root cause was. But I know from a platform maintenance operation performed yesterday at another customer the the problem is fixed.

So in conclusion, you didn't do anything wrong yourself if your cloud environment got a platform maintenance operation by OutSystems in the past two weeks.

If you get incomplete platform upgrade messages, then what you can do is create a solution with all modules and republish them. For that you need to make sure no developers are doing 1CP while the solutions is republishing.

If the true change warnings remainz then create a support case to OutSystems and share my reply too with it.



Thanks for the quick help guys.

Daniel, you are correct, we got the solution for the same. We have just republished all the modules (which included Outsystem modules like Users, RichWidgets, etc) in the environment using the Components feature from the Service center. And now we have a stable Development instance.

Also, Outsystem support has confirmed that this might not block the production release.

Thanks for the support again.


Neha Agrawal

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