[Tagify] How To Get Back Data from Database into Tagify input for edit mode
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I'm using tagify to input hobbies and the hobbies also get from the table and I want the hobbies should be tags. I still confuse about how to get data from the table for the editing form like this. I'm trying to use JSON serializing in preparation but it didn't work. Any suggestion for this case? 

Thanks in advance


Hello Khairil,

If I understood correctly, you want your hobbies to be suggestions. You should use the DropdownValues input for this. It uses a list of the TagifyStructure type to fill out the suggestion list.

If you want your hobbies to appear already selected (in case your user is editing an existing record), you can use the InputValues input. It also uses a list of the TagifyStructure type, and will take all of those elements and show them as already selected tags.

I mean. I want to get back my data from the database into the tags. It looks like I reverse table data to tags.

When I clicked edit, it appears some of the data based on the table I inputted before. So what parameter or variable I must use to return the tags again from the table ?


You should use InputValues then. By feeding it with a List, the Tagify input will start with your table values.

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