[DropDown Two Lines] On Ajax refresh the dropdown double line component stops working.
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When I perform ajax refresh on the container having combobox and dropdown select web block with in the onchange screen action  of the combo box, then the functionality doesn't work.

Hello Unnati,

I tried to recreate the scenario and noticed that the combo box selection reverts back to the previous value, when the ajax refresh is triggered by the combo box's On Change event. Is this what you implied when you stated that the functionality is not working?

It seems to be the expected behavior to me... so can you please describe your scenario whereby you need to refresh the combo box on its On Change event?

The functionality works fine, i.e. the combo box selection is preserved if the ajax refresh is triggered by a widget other than the combo box itself, say for e.g. a button.



Hi  AJ,

My scenario was to check for the form field validation and display the error message immediately as the value changes in the dropdown. If we trigger the ajax refresh on change of the component then also the selected value should persist. This is not the expected behavior that the selected value get reset if we do the ajax refresh on change event of the component.

Also this component does not show the already selected or prefilled value at the time of load.

I had made changes in JavaScript(added input parameter for the already selected option) to set the selected property of the provided option as true so that the already selected or prefilled value can be displayed.


Unnati K

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