Default Screen not working

In my knowledge there are 2 spots where I can set things related to "Default Screen"

The 1st one is the module layer

The 2nd is to set a screen directly:

Since my current project involves a system that will be redirected to a lot of different pages from different applications. We would like to streamline the same default page.

For example, Module A would like to set a Page in Module B as Default Screen. However, there is no such option:

While I used the 1st kind of default screen as mentioned earlier before. It allows me to set other module pages to be the value of the Default Screen property of the module. However, when I try to access the module, it still says that there is no default screen for the module.

Seems that the Default Screen property of the module is not implemented. Anyone has any ideas on how to properly set the default screen to other application pages?


Hi Stephen,

I think default screen is used to set the module index screen landing page.

If you need to create some template, you can use a common block and set this common block in your layout defined for your app theme

Hope it helps

That's exactly what I want. To set the Landing Page of Module A to be one of the pages in Module B.

But after setting in the property of the module, it still gives me error


Hi Stephen,

The default Screen is the Screen that is started when you start the Module without any specific Screen. You cannot directly start a Screen from another Module this way.

HI @Stephen Li 

Here's what you can do...

Set the destination module of module B with Public = true

Then add this reference to module A

And finally, on the onInitialize add something like this:

Hope it helps


Gonçalo Almeida

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