[Stimulsoft Reports .NET] Possibility to set pdf export options
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We currently have a report that has so many columns that when we create a pdf each page is split. This leads to incorrect formatting. According to the Stimulsoft support team we might be able to prevent this by using the option StiOptions.Export.Pdf.DivideSegmentPages=false.

Is there any way to set this option using the extension?

Alfio Esposito

Hi Alfio,
I did make a straight change to give the ability to change this parameter. Now the PDF action has the parameter


Here's the version under development. Since I have no way to test it let me know whether worked and I'll find a better way to set all those settings besides this one.

Hi Paulo,

Sorry for the late reply. We had some very busy sprints so I did not have time earlier to try out the new version.

When I try to install the new version I get the error "A problem has occurred while publishing the Application." I have already deleted the old version of the application and tried to install your new one instead, but that did not help either. 

Can you please look into this?



Hi, what is the error you receive?

Hi Paulo,

This is the message from Service Studio:

I have attached the log file that I downloaded from Service Studio (identifiable information of our environment has been blanked out).

This error only happens when I try to install this component. Other forge components install without any issues.


Hi Alfio, I've set up a new environment and I was able to deploy without any issue.

I'm not sure what's happening with your environment. Maybe you can try using the service center to publish it or even module by module. 

Best Regards,

Hi Paulo,

I have been able to install the new version now through Service Center (not clear why Service Studio refused to install, but never mind ;-) ) . 

Unfortunately, the issue with the bad report formatting remains. Also after I switched the parameter value from False to True.

So I guess the next stop is StimulSoft support again.


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