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Hello everybody,

I have an issue very strange. I want to display the records of my local variable (a text list) but only 2 of 3 items are displayed.

When i display the length of my local variable it give 3, but only 2 are displayed. Very stange.

Can you help me please ?

Have a good day,



Hi Juliean,

What did you get in debug, did you find any thing,

Also please check the max record and start index of the source aggregate from where you fetch the data for local list,




All works fine, the local list contains all values i want. But the list item doesn't works like expected. It not displays all my records...

The issue don't provide from the aggregate all is fine

Hi Julien,

If possible, can you please share your OML to look into your issue?

Thanks & Kind Regards,


Hi Sachin,

I'm sorry but i can't, it's a confidential company project.

But i have done another test, and when i use Table instead of List item all my records are displayed...

I know how manage list because i have used it in several time


Regards, Julien

Hi Julien,

Please find attached the sample OML file. Kindly review this and let me know, if you need any other help. I have bootstrapped the 19 countries and all are showing into the screen in list. 

Thanks & Kind Regards,



Also, please find attached the excel for the list of countries which I have bootstrapped for testing.


Hi Julien,

Can you please add some screenshot for the reference so it will be easy to understand the problem which you are facing.?



Hi @Julien Garcia 

How you fill that list? 

Are you using a for each? 

My advice is to debug the app and go along the action and check element by element that should be on the list


Gonçalo Almeida

Hi @Goncalo Almeida 

I fill the list with a for each.

I have debugged the app and all work how i want, all records choosen are added to the list ect...

The unique trouble comes when i want to display the list. When i use the List Widget only 2/3 records are displayed but when i use Table Widget 3/3 record are displayed. So the issue comes from the list appearence because the list contains three records but only display two...

I never had this issue with aggregate...

Thanks, Have a good day 

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