Outsystems UI Interaction\DatePicker issue
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.10.16 (Build 40209)


I have Outsystems UI Interaction\DatePicker in one of webblock. In Handler action of DatePicker widget I am having assignment in which i am assigning StatDate value of datepicker to the input.

But I can't see the selected date in Input box on first attempt but when I tried for second time with same date then it will showed up in the Input field (but when I selected the different date then it doesn't showed up i.e for every date to showed up it will take two attempt). I think the there is some problem in binding the value to input or some refresh thing is not happening for the datepicker widget.


I too faced this issue. Try following approach and see if that works.

  • Create one local variable , 
  • OnInitilize event, Assign the default date which you want it to appear while page loads
  • assign that variable to datepicker.

Problem is not with to show the values which fetching from the DB. 

But the first time when I try to select the date. 

Yes I am using the Local variable to which I am binding the value of StartDate.

Thanks for the commment.


How the assignment in the onSelect Handler action works exactly.?


Hi @Rohan Jain 

I tested the date picker and works properly. If you can, share the oml to check the use case.

Meanwhile, you can check these links to understand better the plugin




Gonçalo Almeida

i'm facing problems with On After Fetch.
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