Issues with download in Reactive


Has anyone had issues with downloading files in Reactive? I'm using the download action, providing the binary and the file name.

In 80% of the downloads I get a file with a guid as filename and without extension. In the remaining 20% cases it works fine (for the same file).

I've tested this in the most popular browsers, with multiple file names, with and without extension and multiple file sizes, and the behavior is always the same.


I will ask around at OutSystems.


Hi David,

Is there any pattern with regards to when you get the GUID and when the actual file name? If you get a file name, do you always get a file name for that file, or is it random even if you download the same file?

And perhaps a stupid question, but did you debug and check whether FileName actually contains the expected file name, even when getting a GUID? I can imagine a GUID is generated when the FileName is empty, for example.



So far I didn't find any pattern, it appears to be random. The guid is the blob id generated in the JS code that handles the download of the file.

When I get the file name everything is correct and as expected.

And yes, the file name always contains the expected file name. In my sandbox I even hardcoded the file name.

I've heard that the React 16 preview may solve the problem, which is something I'll test tomorrow.

Still, I'd expect the download to work even without the React 16 preview.


Hi David,

Any new findings?

I'm also facing o problem with the download widget in reactive: in Chrome for iOS it won't trigger downloads anymore.


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