How to export a text value with comma separator in one cell?
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Hi All,

How can I achieve this? For example, I have a description "please help me to export this excel, thanks' with comma. 

When I try to export to excel, it will separate my value into two different column like this. 

Column A

Column B

Please help me to export this excel


What I want to achieve is 

Column A

Please help me to export this excel, thanks



Hi Gwen,

Are you using any forge component to export excel? 

Because if you use record list to excel and then download this excel file, it will not move text after comma to another column.

Hi Nikhil,

Yes, I'm using a forge component to export my data to excel, as I need to customize the excel base on user's needs.

I'm using this component from my enterprise to customized my exported excel. 


I haven't used this extension so not sure if it has any way to handel such cases. But have you tried to put your text in double quotes. Like this:

"""please help me to export this excel, thanks"""

or if you have this text in a variable then something like this.

"""" + YourVariable + """"

and then add it to your excel.

Hi Nikhil,

I've tried include double quotation for my variable like this:

"""" + GetChecklistDetailsByChecklistHeaderId.List.Current.ChecklistDetail.Description + """"

but the output works not as expected. It become something like this:

Column A

Column B

"please to me to export this excel



Oh okay, I though may be in the extension they are using some sort of CSV like parsing. 

It looks like you have cloned some forge component and using that because I didn't see any forge component with this name.

Also if will be better if you can create and share a minimal oml which has this issue. So I can check and suggest better.

Hi @Gwen

What you are trying to achieve is called using a String (or Text) Qualifier when generating a flat-file (csv).   

The actual value of the file ie: "please to me to export this excel, thanks","another-value","and another" 

Please ensure that no white space is present after the comma separator.  If you are exporting just one column try adding a dummy column at the end

ie: "please to me to export this excel, thanks",""

Are you able to verify the content of the file using a text editor instead of opening it in excel? 


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