[Multi Select Checkbox Reactive Web Application] How to close MultiSelectChecboxWidget widget on clicking anywhere in the page
Forge component by Salman Ansari

Currently whats happening , When we click on the multi select dropdown component , Its opening and closing but my concern is when we open a multi select dropdown list and checked some item in it and move to next tab or field so it has to close the multi select dropdown component but unfortunatelly its not happening like this , For closing the multi select dropdown I have to click again on the multi select dropdown component  and then only its getting closed.

Any solution on it.

This is the forge component I am using currently


Hi Vishal,

This is new use case for meeting your expectation I need to do some changes on the component to achieve it.Will publish later.
Meantime you can add some event on tab change and set IsDisplay=False. It till hide the control.

Hello Salman,

Thanks for immidiate response , I will try to implement same logic as you suggested and let you know on the same.

Hello Salman,

I tried with the logic which you have suggested, but I am not getting in which event we need to write our logic.

Could you please clarify the name of the event.

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