Cant write the File using File_WriteBinary

I am using XP and Service Studio .When i try to write the File in application path folder using the File_WriteBinary,I got alway Pernission denied to access that folder.I saw your page as in below link's-access-to-file-systems

But there Right only for W2003 & W-vista.
Can you please tell how to give the permission to that folder.Give some steps to solve the problem.


Hi Devaraj,

Do you have a local (local machine) installation?
Server and Develop machine are the same?

Rafael Pereira 
Now i working in the Development System here i installed outsystem.After completing the task i deploy in the server.There also i installed Outsystem.

But now i am getting the Permission problem in Local System(development)

Hi Devaraj,

And did you execute the steps in the's-access-to-file-systems

link, in the Development Server? That's where it should be executed.

The steps for Windows XP should be pretty similar to the ones on Windows 2003, give or take.


Paulo Tavares

Hello Paulo Tavares,
Thanks for your Reply.I already Saw that link.I m using the IIS5.1.
Based upon the above Link we should provide the permission for local folder  IIS_WPG.
I gave Permission for IUSR_SystemName and for that Folder.But still i m getting access Denied Problem.

Give your suggestion to solve the problem..
Have you also executed the following steps?
  • Accessing the OutSystems Service Center on the OutSystems Server (either through remote or local browser using http://<serveraddress>/ServiceCenter, or locally using the Start Menu -> Programs -> OutSystems -> Service Center). Login using an administrative user and access the Factory section. In the espace list page, press over the espace that you want to access the applications and you’ll jump the its details page.
  • Under the Operation tab, you’ll find input boxes for Run As settings. Just type in the local or domain user and password and press ‘Apply runas Settings’. Your application will now run under the chosen user credentials.
If you have, let us know, and we'll put this to our support department, since they are better equipped to troubleshoot and and try to understand what exactly is going on in your system.


Paulo Tavares
Hi Devaraj,

Did the procedure described by Paulo helped solving your problem?

Best regards,
Renato Gonçalves

If you still have that problem, you can use the ProcessMon tool as described in, to identify which file, process and identity is getting the ACCESS DENIED error. This way, you'll be able to set the correct identity in the correct path security permissions.


Miguel Simões João