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Is there a reason that in the 2 convert functions, the temp files are not (or no longer?) being deleted at the end? I noticed in both functions that the delete calls were commented out.

We are using these functions in great numbers, so the temp folders are filling up really quick. And I'm wondering if these were once in the code, but commented out for a certain reason, or can I just (re)activate them?

Hi Tim,

This is not correct indeed. They should not be commented out, but this functionality should be extended to check if the files actually exist before deleting, or they will throw an exception because they are not inside a Try block anymore.

If you want, you could apply to join the Forge component team and fix this yourself for the community?

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga

I'd be happy to implement a fix if noone from the current team is up for it.

You can ask to join the team via the button "Join the team" in the sidebar. Once they let you in, you can update the component.

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