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I'm using the Workato to OutSystems connector and know that a field called UpdatedOn is required as per the documentation:

OutSystems entities must have the UpdatedOn attribute so that Workato is able to monitor record changes, for the New/Updated record trigger. Make sure you update this attribute every time a record is changed. The date/time value should be in UTC so that it is in sync with the Workato timezone.

OutSystems entities must have an auto-number Id attribute so that Workato is able to monitor record creation, for the New record trigger.

What is the logic to update this field?  Does it user the currentDate/Time at the time of update and update it in UTC format?

I'm using the connector currently and the field isn't updating at all.

It's unclear from the documentation whether the UpdatedOn attribute gets automatically updated by the Upsert Action.

What the disclaimer in the documentation is saying is: "IF you want Workato to listen to Entity changes in OutSystems (ex. from a separate OS Application), THEN you need to have an UpdatedOn field stored in UTC."

Have you tried manually updating the UpdatedOn Entity attribute in your Workato recipe, using the now and in_time_zone formulas?

Admittedly this is confusing from the documentation, as the Upsert example does not actually mention the need (or assumption) for an UpdatedOn field.

Hi Vince,

Unfortunately, the UpdatedOn field is not updated automatically in any way. If the intention is for its value to be updated when the "Upsert" action is called by Workato, then Workato must send the new value.

I'll send your feedback to the documentation team, to see if this can be clarified in the documentation.

Best regards!


You can't pass a value to the UpdatedOn field.  It doesn't show up in the connector as a field for you to map in Workato.

You can only update it if you use the SDK version of the connector which isn't released to everyone

Example: See below, you can update the other values but not UpdatedOn:

Entity Setup:


There's no upsert action in this version (which i mentioned before as feedback when we first tested this connector during the build phase)

SDK Version:  This one allows it using the upsert action.

That's a problem. Let me check what can we do about it. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

@Vince Chan, sorry about the delay in my response. What I found was that the OutSystems part of the Workato Connector is returning the "UpdatedOn" attribute for the list displayed in Workato.

I feel that the best course of action here would be to contact Workato support with this use case. They may end up reaching back to OutSystems, but my experience is that this would be the most expedient way of addressing the issue.

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