Connect to a external sql server

Connect to a external sql server


I need to connect to a external database server but when i try the wizard "Imports Entities From Database Wizard"
only connect to localhost.

Can you help me?

thank you.
Hi José, and welcome to the OutSystems community forums!

Thanks for your question. Actually, you can import tables from any other database.

The only databases that will show up in Integration Studio are the ones that your Service Center is configured to access. While establishing a Linked Server in SQL Server is an option, another option - and the recommended one - would be for you to:

1 - Enter Service Center as administrator
2 - Go to the Administration Tab
3 - Open the Database Connections menu
4 - In the new screen, click New Database Connection, and configure the connection to the database you are trying to access.

The next time you're in Integration Studio, after logging in, that connection will show up.

I hope this helps! Let us know how it goes.


Paulo Tavares