Renaming a Reactive Theme breaks the generation of CSS file (theme-name).extra.css

Hi there!

I have noticed that in a Reactive application if the Theme is renamed this breaks the generation of CSS file 


This problem does not occur in Traditional Web.

Using Service Studio 11.10.16, Platform Server 11.11.0 (Build 26942).

Because the file is not generated by the platform, so it does not exist, you will start getting errors like this:

Before, working correctly, this would be the situation.

I am assuming this is bug of the platform and will report this to OutSystems.

This is easy to reproduce:

1) Create a new Reactive application with one module and publish the module. (No need to even create any screen).

2) Rename the theme of the application and publish the module.

You will start getting the error mentioned above.

The workaround that I have found to this is to just cut/paste the theme.

This will cause Service Studio to generate a new theme element with a different internal ID from the previous theme element, and this will trigger the platform to generate the new CSS file "<theme-name>.extra.css".

--Tiago Bernardo


Hi Tiago,

Thanks for looking into this. I'll also put it to the attention of OutSystems.


Hi Tiago,
I have also faced the similar scenario.
As a work around I have copy-pasted the theme and changed its name and deleted the old one.

Thanks @Kilian Hekhuis for reporting it to Outsystems.


As an additional note, please do report this to OutSystems via a Support Case if you haven't already. It'll be easier to get this fixed, also for OS themselves.

Still having this issue, i have made the workaround changed the name into the old name and it worked.

Issue is still there. Thanks for the workaround!

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