Resize the Width of the cell TableRecord
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Hi, I want to ask how to set the size for specific one cell? I tried to change the width of the cell but it doesnt effect. Is it because of the class TableRecords?

I tried to change the width for DateofBirth but it doesnt change anything


Hi Jason30,

Select the header cell and apply on the extended properties the property style with min-height like on the image below:

Kind Regards,

thankyou so much. It works fine


Instead of style property it's a better practice define a CSS class and apply it on Style Classes property, but first check if you already have a class to do it on your base CSS. If you need to the same behavior on other table you can reuse the class and if need redifine the min-width you only need to change the class on your CSS file.

Style property should be mostly used on email templates because on that scenario styles must be local.

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