When using Local Storage, what kinds of risk may occur?
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Hello Everyone,

When implementation with Local Storage, what I need to care for prevent the risk?
As example we already know that local storage can not be rolled back.

This is the reference link that local storage can not be rolled back.

Thanks and Regards,
Zwe Mann Oo


Hi Zwe Mann Oo,

Limitations & considerations to use local storage:

  • It is not secure, can be accessed by browser developer tools, so don't use it to store sensitive data.
  • It can be cleared by the user when he/she clears all browser history
  • It can only store string data
  • It is synchronous. ...
  • It can't be used by web workers 
  • It still limits the size of data you can store (~5MB across all major browsers)
  • Any JavaScript code on your page can access local storage: it has no data protection whatsoever



Hi Daniel Kuhlmann

Thank you so much for your reply.
Your reply is very useful and important for me.

Thanks and Regards,
Zwe Mann Oo

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