How to present google data studio charts in outsystems?
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11.10.17 (Build 40956)

Hi, I have charts created in Data Studio and want to bring these charts to be presented in my application. Can someone tell me how this can be done? Any integration guide for this? Thank you very much.


Hi Angeline,

You can try and embed the google data studio asset on your OutSystems page:

Open and edit your Google Data Studio dashboard. Then, open the File menu at the top left of the screen, click “Embed Report”, as in the screenshot below.

Embed DataStudio - file menu

In the next step, to embed DataStudio into your web pages, you will need to enable embedding for this particular report:

Embed DataStudio - enable embedding

Check the Enable embedding checkbox and copy and paste the code into the text box below the checkbox.

This code allows you to insert an IFRAME element into your pages. The two parameters below the text box allow you to define the dimensions of the DataStudio element you are embedding but can also be changed in the code itself. Insert the code into your Web page where you want to embed DataStudio and publish your HTML file. 

For more info see the official google documentation.

There is also a Google Data Studio API, but that is to limited, it will only allow you to query the assets of your Data Studio subscription (data sources & reports).



Thank you so much. This helps alot. Really appreciate your expertise on this. 

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