Email Format

My timer sends email at the end. It has some HTML Code which I want to see on various screen resolutions. 

How can I check this email format 


Hi Mackenzie,

If I understand correct you want to see how the HTML code that your timer uses to set the body of the emails it send on various screen resolutions?

Some considerations here.

First Email HTML is a limited subset of Web HTML:

Safe to use:

  • static, table-based layouts
  • HTML tables and nested tables
  • template width of 600px-800px
  • simple, inline CSS
  • web safe fonts

Use with caution:

  • background images
  • custom web fonts
  • wide layouts
  • image maps
  • embedded CSS

Do not use:

  •  JavaScript
  • <iframe>
  • Flash
  • embedded audio
  • embedded video
  • forms
  • <div> layering

As you see from this list, catering for wide layouts is already something to be cautious about. Best is to always style your template to max 600px or max 800px. Nowadays, users use mobile devices or in the preview pane of desktop email programs. Email viewing panes are narrow, so they'll cut off your message if it's wider than 600-800px.

Have written all this, the best way to test this is to generate the email, and open it in different email clients on desktop and mobile and see how it looks.



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