[Active Directory] Getting manager ID instead of name and getting domain
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I am working on an application that configured using the LDAP authentication and it is using the Active Directory Component for getting the user data. In our case, we need to fetch the details of the direct user's manager, I am using AD_GetUserDetails for getting the manager name of the user, and then I am using the same function to get manager details by his name. I want to know is there any filed that returns the manager's id instead of his name because I cannot depend on the name to get details later, if not? then can it be added?

My other question is, I am using the SamAccountName filed for getting the username, is that right? is there any field that returns me the value with the domain name?

Thanks in advance,


When you get details from the user, the manager field is the DN (distinguished name). I don't have an easy way of filtering by DN. I though it would work just by using the DN directly as the username, but I was testing and it doesn't seem to be working.

I'm building a new version that improves performance on searching and getting user details, but it's going to take a while before I launch it, maybe by the end of this month. In this new version I'm going to include the DN search and get details.

In the mean time, can you try calling the AD_GetUserDetails with the DN in the username parameter and see if that works?


Thanks for your response Renato. 

I tried calling the AD_GetUserDetails by the DN but it didn't work. It would be great if this solved.

My other point is regarding the Username (Login Username), in which field of AD_GetUserDetails I could find it? is it the SamAccountName? can I get it with the domain name as well?

Thanks again. 

Hi Kawthar,

The new version will work with the username and the DN.

The username is the SamAccountName. 

Regarding the username with the domain, it should be the UserPrincipalName.



There's a new version "Under Development" 2.0.13 that includes what you've asked for and few other things.

Be sure to check the change log because there's an additional configuration required for this new version to work.

This version will be in "under development" while I make a few more tests on my end.

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