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Hello, Please give me some ideas for web or mobile apps to apply all I have learnt on OutSystems and if there are advices please don't hesitate to give me some  


Hi Omnia,

That is a very broad question. I noticed you recently did already watch several training videos, on www.outsystems.com/learn and I would advise you to continue with that. To apply the learned knowledge, it is just a matter of practice. You can use your own personal environment and creativity to come up with an idea for an application and try and apply the knowledge that you learned. 

I would advise aiming for simple applications first, and as you gain knowledge try to implement some more complex applications. Starting with a simple application you can focus on the implementation part, rather than the functional part of the application. 

If you lack creativity to come up with an idea for a new application, you can always think of an existing application you have experience with, and they try to build that in OutSystems. 



Hi Omnia,

 As you start with the training from outsystems learn, the training includes the exercises for practice and to apply what we learnt from the training. 

Along with the Daniel Sir's answer, you can try this basics functionality or apps in outsystems, 

1. Registration process in outsystems  

2. You can also learn and implement the emails in outsystems 

3. You can also go for banking application 

4. You can also add the functionality in Booking APP Exercise 

Kind Regards,


Hello Omnia,

I have shared a list of 21 OutSystems low-code exercises.

You can find the list of exercises here: https://github.com/rafa-cobucci/OutSystems-Low-Code-Exercises

Kind regards,

Rafael Cobucci

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