Exam React Application

Good Afternoon People

So I am building a react app where in one screen i wanna show 20 question where each one have 4 multiple answers where the user is going to select one what type of widget do i need to use to get this aspect in the screen of the print ?

Thanks for your attention

Hi Nuno,

I suggest to build your own control (webBlock) which It has one container for question and another container to contains 4 radio buttons with answers then in your main screen add list and list item then inside list item add your WebBlock.

Do you need to print same page also? If yes I suggest also to generate PDF from your screen and print PDF

HI Nuno,

In case you are asking help for radio button widget in reactive. Please refer below link. It might be useful to you.


Regarding the design, you may follow below steps -

  1. Maintain 2 separate lists for questions and probable option for each question
  2. Create a parent container and bind the list of questions
  3. Create web block with the input parameter as questionId and fill up radio button list 
  4. Add radio button list web block under parent question list container
  5. To print the page, you can convert the screen to pdf and then eventually print

Please let me know in case any questions related to printing screen fucntionality.

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