Insert data to test directly on entity (new)

Hello Community!

I saw this novelty, I thought it was fantastic and I would like to use it. But I still haven't succeeded.

From what I realized there should be a field in my entity like this for me to insert the records.

I checked and my version is up to date.

I've tried to locate this button to include records directly in the database, with the entity in the "Data" tab, or viewing the data directly in an aggregate in the preparation, in a screen action and in a serve action, but I still haven't been able to locate it.

can you help me?

Best Regards, Jessica Marques. 

I am getting the same problem, but I suppose it has something to do with the way the Platform Server versions are handled for personal environments, because I am able to use the feature freely in our client's Cloud Enterprise license.

For example, I get the same message as you when trying to look for a new platform version:

However, from Service Center, I can see that this is not the actual latest version, required for using that new functionality (11.11.0 vs. 11.11.1). Check this for your personal environment's Service Center to see if the situation is the same for you:

If it is the same situation, then you probably have to wait until the personal environments also get updated to the latest version, or contact support to see if they can help you with that update directly.


Hi Jessica,

As stated correctly by Fransisco, you have to wait till your personal environment platform version gets updated.

Personal platforms only get major platform versions update, meaning you will have to wait till version 11.12.0.


You can see the expected general availability (GA) date for cloud, which is May 2021 for version 11.12.0.



Hi, Daniël Kuhlmann

Thanks for the complement it's good to know when the news will be implemented in the personal environment.

Best Regards, 

Jessica Marques. 

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