Saving a form for the second time after validation errors

Hello everybody, I'm working on an app with my colleagues and we've discovered a problem with one of the forms. We have created a set of validations to ensure that certain input fields do not exceed value X etc. and they work. However, once the user has saved the form and the screen shows validation errors, it is not possible to correct the errors and save the form. It keeps showing the same errors. So, for instance, if I enter a negative value for one of the fields and try to save the form, the page will show an error message saying "[Value] cannot be lower than 0!" and when I correct this to a value above 0, the page will still show "[Value] cannot be lower than 0!"

Has anyone ever experienced this?


Hi Lotte,

Is this tradition web app or reactive or mobile app? 

are you refreshing the control after entering the new value?


Manish Jawla

Hi Manish, thank you for responding. It's a reactive app.

What do you mean by refreshing the control?

Hi Lotte, Refreshing (Ajax?) is a Web Traditional thing. Not applicable to your situation as far as I know.

I also use form a lot in Reactive apps and your situation doesn't ring any bells. Is it possible to create some screenshots where we can see the forms element and the variable it writes its value to and the action where you verify the form? With a focus on the If statement where you validate the value in question.




Hi Lotte,

Can you share the sample oml or screenshot of logic you have built?

Also, can you please check your built in validation property is true?

I have attached the sample oml and it's working for me, may be you can compare your code.

Hope this helps.


Hi Manish and Vincent, thank you both for responding. A colleague of mine fixed it. Have a nice evening!

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