Form Input Widgets Values Change based on Previous Inputs
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I'm designing a webpage to create data and edit data. During create data, I'm using a form where different input widgets are present for holding the end user data. The requirement is, prepopulate some of the input widget data if it met certain conditions based on the previous values present in the input and does not make the end user to change those values. Same condition applies for Update screen also. I searched on forum and found, we can disable input widget to get the data using enabled property. 

For example, there is a input field having dropdown values Input1 and Input2. A second widget next to that has a dropdown Yes and No values. When user selects Input1, the second widget should autopopulate with Yes and should be disabled for user change. If the Input2 is selected, then User can choose Yes or No value from dropdown.

What is the best way to implement this approach? I found there is an extended property for input field to disabled. But can we make that property work dynamically?

Hi Somesh,

Yes you can make it dynamically with the Boolean local variable.

1. On the oncahnge action of Your drop down change the value of Boolean variable to false for Input1 and add that Boolean variable to the enabled property of input widget so that it get disabled.

2. Also When you select the Input2, then set it's value to true and assign it to the input field's enabled property and set input widget value=null so that user can select from that input fields

Hope that helps,

Kind reagrds,


Hi Somesh,

So let's use the Text variables Value1 and Value2 to hold the values for the respective dropdowns. For Dropdown2, you can use an expression on the Enabled property, something like:

Value1 <> Input1

And then of course on the OnChange action of Dropdown1 you can autopopulate Dropdown2 based on your specific criteria.

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