Change Message Layout
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11.10.17 (Build 41113)

You need to change the layout of the message, but I can't find the specific component for this change.

Can anyone help me ?, I want to add an icon on the right side and center the text. The centering part was achieved via jquery, but the icon on the right side is having problems.

I managed to solve by placing an image, so the icon is not changed.

Hi Carlos,

Here is the documentation on the feedback message, you could call the showFeedbackMessage via JavaScript and create a CSS class to better format your feedback message

Let me know if this helps!


Changing the style is not the problem but adding new elements, in my case an icon, which according to the structure it inherits the same style as the standard icon that is already in the feedback message.


Hi Carlos,

For the mentioned use case, I would suggest you to refer this airtcle Animated and Styled OutSystems Dialog Messages  written by our own OutSystems MVP Rúben Bonito

Hope this helps you!

Kind regards,

Benjith Sam

Hi Benjith

Very good article, but sweet alert does not have this effect on mobile unfortunately, I will try to change it by jquery.

I managed to solve by placing an image, so the icon is not changed.

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