RichWidgets\Input_Calendar : Set Min Date

Hello Guys,

I need to set mindate for my RichWidgets\Input_Calendar widget. I am using Traditional Web. I can not use Datepicker cause this widget is using all over the places in the project.

Please suggest if i can set mindate with this widget. 

Thanks in advance.

Hi Neeraj,

You can set it's min year here,



Hello Komal,

Min year will only allow me to set year (e.g 2021,2020) but I want to set Min date like (20 April 2020) .

How I can achieve this ?

Hi Neeraj,

Unlike Datepicker, Input_Calendar allows you to the select only the min year.

You would have to change the JS in the widget I guess.


Hello Jose,

Can you suggest what should I change in JS ? 

In the variable declaration you have the start and end years:

 this.minYear = 1970;

 this.maxYear = 2050;

You would have to change this to dates and apply accordingly all over the code for this variables.

If I change in widget JS then I have to change these MinYear prop everywhere in Project.

I am trying to escape from changing on multiple places

I understand and agree changing the widget is not the best solution.

You should check for other widgets with that feature already implemented.


Hi Neeraj,

Use this type of way it will help you-

Hope this will help you.



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