Replace Navigation Placeholder with Previous Page Action
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Currently when i Swipe Right on screen, a Screen Container appears for multipage navigation. I want to replace this with a simple back action. Is it possible to do this without any Javascripting?

Hi ,

You can go through the following link for swiping the screen for navigating to another screen

The SwipeEvents pattern enables swiping on a specific widget.*1c0t3px*_ga*NzgzMjU2NDA2LjE2MDAwMDA1MTQ.*_ga_ZD4DTMHWR2*MTYxODM4MTExOS4zNTAuMS4xNjE4Mzg1ODA2LjE4

Please let me know if this solution works for you .

Thanks and Regards

Aditya Bailur

Hi Aditya,

I tried to do this but failed.

What i have done is as below

I created a Client action "GoBack" which will directly go to the previous page

Now i added a SwipeEvent in to the Content page and i gave the ID of my primary container( which contains the complete page ) as the WidgetId and called the GoBack Client action on Swipe Left and Swipe Right.

When i tested this, the swipe actions are not working.

Any solutions to this or a better workaround to achieve this?


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