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11.10.17 (Build 41113)

Hey guys, I'm kinda new to the program and to app development in general, but I'm working on a bit of a hobby project and I've gotten a little stuck on something.

Basically, I've got a text input field on one of my screens where the user types in a location address however they have to click a submit button to go to the next screen which is all well and good. Problem is, in my version there's no expression that allows the formatting of a street address like it does for a phone number and so on.

So my workaround that I'm thinking of is creating an action upon clicking submit that essentially copies the inputted text, goes to something like google maps and runs a search on the text there and if it gets a hit and comes back true it proceeds to the next screen or if it doesn't it shows an alert and goes back to the previous screen but I don't know how to do that. Any advice?

Thanks, Chris.

Hi Christopher,

There are a few services you can use to validate addresses, but all of them have a price associated, for example, Melissa has some services to validate an address (Global Address Check Tool | Melissa Lookups) and a 1000 credit when signing up (Lookups Credits | Melissa) if this enough my advice is to use a service like this.

If not, I think the solution you're thinking of using google maps it's a good idea, but I would change it a bit. I think you should open google maps so the user can search and select an address.

Hope ti helps,

Ricardo Pisco.

I'll give it a try, thanks Ricardo

Hi Christopher, 

You can use the following Forge component to lookup and validate your address in your application.

You will get a fair idea to implement this functionality after using this forge component

Kindly post your feedback after using this forge component.

Thanks and Regards 

Aditya Bailur

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