Convert Excel to Record Boolean Issue
Service Studio Version
11.10.14 (Build 39807)


I want to convert an excel file to records. All works fine except one attribute : a boolean attribute.

An issue appear : Excel read error in row 2: Column 'reserve' has an invalid type. Expected a 'Boolean' but received a 'String'.

I tried with : TRUE/FALSE, True/False, Vrai/Faux, VRAI/FAUX, 1/0 

But nothing works

Please help me

Best regards ,


Hi Julien, 

check this topic, there you have the solution:

Hi Julien,

Is the value on row two filled? 

TRUE or FALSE should work, remember that an empty cell is not a valid boolean, if all the cells are filled import it as a text and after managing the list by validating if it's a valid boolean and appending the record to the final list.

Hope it helps,

Ricardo Pisco.


I find the issue.

TRUE and FALSE hand writed doesn't works.

The solution is to use the TRUE() and FALSE() excel function instead of TRUE and FALSE hand writed.



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