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11.10.18 (Build 41211)

yesterday I deployed the latest version of my app and everything went well. this morning when I opened my app again I saw all the changes made were lost. (luckily I have recovered an older version with the changes made).

I checked all the logs and found no anomalies. so my question is, why did this problem occur? What can be the cause ? 

thanks in advance for your support

Hi Mario,

Are you sure that you had published the updated code on the server? If yes, and did not found anything wrong into the logs into the service center, please open a support case with OutSystems team on, they will look into your issue and confirm back the cause of this issue.

Thanks & Kind Regards,



Hi Mario,

This is what could have happened, maybe you had the same module open twice.

  1. in instance 1 you made a lot of changes
  2. in instance 2 you made a change (not conflicting with instance 1)
  3. you press 1CP on instance 1
  4. then you press 1CP on instance 2

Anyhow, versions are never lost unless you use a tool like DBCleaner, as every time you press 1CP a new module version is stored in the OutSystems metamodel database.

What also could have happened is that you set the older version of a module as the active version, in the menu select Module --> Open other version..

In the dialog shown you see something like this:

If you see that not the latest version is the published one, you should switch to the latest version.

This can also be seen in service center, where you could press the publish button on the latest version



Thanks for the help, I upload an old version to solve this problem. 

Glad to know that issue has been resolved with older version.

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