[Search and AutoComplete Mobile] I don't see the changes made in the latest version of the component
Forge component by Pedro Marques

Hello Miguel,

On the latest version you published you mention the following changes:

  • Code improvements.
  • Update to the latest versions of OutSystems.
  • Define the minimum number of characters required before doing a search
  • Define the text to display when no items were found in the search

Can you please explain to me where those changes are as I don't see them, the only change I see is this:

Maybe I don't compare correct, so please explain to me the changes you performed.



Hi Daniel,

The changes were only the level of updating the references and cleaning of unused references.

The rest of the points refer to the previous version, which, as it had been published recently, I thought it best to keep them. However, if you want I will remove the previous information.

Kind regards


I don't think it is required as of now

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