The new Delivery for OutSystems Specialization is out right now!

Hello OutSystems Community,

Are you an expert managing the delivery of OutSystems projects? Then our new Specialization is for you!

We’re excited to share that the new Delivery for OutSystems Specialization is out now and available for you to take a shot at the exam!

Whether you are an expert managing the delivery of OutSystems projects or aspiring to be, now you have the opportunity to show off your skills to the world.

Let’s learn more about this!

Who is this Specialization for?

This Specialization exam is targeted to all Delivery Specialists, such as Agile Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Business Analysts and Tech Leads, or anyone working to develop these skills. This exam focuses on practical knowledge and scenarios that validate your knowledge and professional experience.  

What topics will you find on this exam?

The exam is focused on the required competencies needed to ensure a successful delivery of OutSystems projects, like:

  • Delivering at the Speed of OutSystems - The 6 Dimensions

  • Delivery Core Behaviors

  • OutSystems Delivery Method

  • Risk Management

  • Project Management Metrics

How can you get ready?

The best way to learn and prepare for this exam is to follow the also new Delivering OutSystems Projects online guided path. Once you are up for the challenge to prove your skills, when scheduling your exam, you can also consolidate the learnings by taking the sample exam to practice, available on the Certifications Page.

At last, how can you get this Specialization?

Go to our Certification Page and register for the exam, there are no pre-requirements for it, and the exam is $100 US. 


Professionals who attain this Specialization will need to renew it after 2 years. 

Did we cover everything? If not, and you have any questions feel free to reach out to the team at

Thank you,

Glad to know about this. Thanks @Patrícia Landim for sharing the information about this new specialization certification.

Great news.thanks I am sure it will help all delivery leads and scrum masters etc.


Amazing news! 

Just curious how this specialization will be renewed in 2 years. With a delta exam or we will need to do again a full exam?

Best regards,

Ricardo M Pereira

Hi Ricardo,

Renewing certification does not necessarily mean that you will need to take a full test again. It can be based on training, a combo of training + online quiz, a delta exam, or even a full test retake if the knowledge changed significantly.

More news to come on this, so stay tuned ;)

Thanks for Sharing , Very Thoughtful !!!

Interesting! This is the only specialization certification, which has no pre-requirement.

nice :)

Great news! It would be interesting to know how the renewal process will be. It is important to avoid a feeling of wanting to make money every 2 years without adding anything new to the technical/methodological knowledge.

Hi, if you join together Mobile Specialist and Architecture and this new one Delivery you will upgraded to a new rank ? by example if you are an associate web will be professional? Thanks

I think no.

Kind regards, David.

Hallo David,

can you give an idea about when the other specializations will be released?

Kind Regards, Sven

Hi Caldeira,

David is right, the Delivery for OutSystems Specialization is independent of other tracks or levels.

Thank you,

Hi Sven,

We'll be sure to communicate every new launch here on the forums, there's still a lot to come throughout the year, so stay tuned.

Thank you,

Great news!

Excellent, thanks for releasing this 

This sure is an interesting one!

Interesting, Great news.!!!

This is awesome! Its definitely on my 'to achieve' list! 

Hello @Patrícia Landim , Thanks for sharing!!

Well I'm glad this certification exists and I manage to pass it with success! Great content inside that track!

Great News, thanks for sharing

Awesome ! Thanks for sharing

Great News!!

This is great, good job! :)

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