Cannot edit join in aggregate source screen
Service Studio Version
11.10.18 (Build 41174)

I am using a personal environment.

I have edited joins in the aggregate source screen many times. Suddenly, I can no longer edit some of the elements. I still see everything I have always seen.

  • I see the first entity dropdown but when I click it nothing happens.
  • I see the join type dropdown but when I click it nothing happens.
  • I see the second entity dropdown but when I click it nothing happens.
  • I see the function and when I click it I am taken to the editor and I can edit the function. Here, the two entities appear in the attributes folder and I cannot change them.

In the illustration, the fourth join was added by default. I want to change the first entity from Parent to Work and I want to change the join type from With or Without to Only With. I cannot make the changes because the dropdown boxes are unresponsive.

The Add Join button is enabled. Clicking it adds a fifth join placeholder with no entities selected by default. These dropdowns also appear to be disabled.

Is the behavior different with an updated version or do I have a serious problem?

Upon further investigation, I have more information. I have 23 aggregates in the Preparation for this page. These provide data for charts. Twelve of these I can still edit normally, the other 13 I cannot edit. I find no pattern in the ones I cannot edit.


Hello Bill,

Hope you are doing fine. Just opened your image, what is that is the error indicated on aggregate?

Best Regards, 

Tomás Dionísio

I tried to replicate issue with 12+ aggregates. I could not. No issue in aggregates after 12

Not got any material which states upper limit of number of aggregates in action.

Please try general method of reset. I mean remove aggregates from 12 onwards and add one by one or remove preparation and write action flow in preparation again. Same trick we use when hardware or software hangs.

Remove and add aggregates again. It may work for you.

Hello @Bill Adams,

It might be worth checking your personal environment's health in LifeTime, to see if you are running low on cpu/memory resources.

In case you don't know how please follow these steps -- 




Hi Bill Adams

As I can see. You are using Service Studio Version 11.10.18 (Build 41174). But I am unable to find your Development Environment build. Hope you have latest build.  As I can see DevelopmentEnvironment-11.10.18 (Build 41211) had already fixed many aggregate related BUG. But still if you are getting strange behavior in that case you can open support case.

Hope this may help.

Thanks and Regards.


Hey Bill,

Hopefully I'm still on time to help. Checking the release notes for Development Environment 11.10.19 (Build 41208) it seems that your problem might be fixed:

  • Fixed an issue that occasionally caused dropdown menus not to open in Aggregates. (RMAC-6002)

Let me know if installing the newest version helped you.


The behavior stopped as abruptly as it started. I do not know the solution. It was nothing I did. It had to be environmental.

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