Old Data can't show after deleting static entity
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I'm facing after changing format ,I could show just new record according by shop category. Old data disappeared  after deleting static identifier reference in Main Entity. Can I receive checking  detail explanation of excel file?I will upload my oml in comment ,please refer to MainEditRenewal2 web screen.

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This is oml.


Hi Hayasaka,

Hope you are doing well. 

Before coming at problem you are facing. I wanted to share some pics that can help you to understand problem.

Pic 1-  

Pic 2-

You can see in Pic 2 , any screen action finishes with End Node , re-execute Preparation action of Screen.

Now come to the your problem-

Let' me share screenshot of your preparation action- 

At Assignment node , you are assigning Current year and month to the Local variable that holding search input. 

It means whatever you are providing in search input value. it is going to be re-assigned by Current year and month. That is the reason you  are only getting new data. 

So , remove that Assignment node from preparation. It should work fine. 

You can set default value of local variable, if  it should show new data if not any searched applied.

Hope this help.

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Thanks for perfect explanation.I will try.


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