How to send email with Sensitivity as Confidential ?

I am required to send email with 2 properties 1) Importance= "High" and 2) Sensitivity="Confidential". 

I have defined these properties under "Extended-Properties". I am able to receive email with Importance as High however Sensitivity is not working. 

Attaching screenshot. 

I am using Outsystem 9.1.300 Java Version.



Have you tried "Company-Confidential"?  I think these are the available options

sensitivity     = "Personal" / "Private" /

Thanks @Filipe Silva  The suggested solution worked. We tired to search for documentation on website, however failed to find, possible to share the link. It will be helpful for future refeence. 

The extended properties for every widget are something hard to find in documentation and searches in general. It would be great to have them listed and explained.

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