How to link buttons to different screens ?

Hi Community,

I am a beginner and want to link every button to different screen as i have created different question screens, I am unable to link different question screen to the result button which i have created , I can only link one question screen to a button as it is allowing me to do that only,

Please help me understand how to do that linking of different screen to a different buttons


Hi Ritech,

set the destination of the button an action and pass as parameter the screen you want (defined by some rule):

In the action create a switch to redirect to the screen you want:

Hello Jose,

Can you please give me some more clarity


If it's possible for you, Komal suggestion is cleaner.

However if you really need all those screens follow my suggestion. What you don't understand from my post?

Hi Ritesh,

I saw your attached OML, Instead of creating new screen for single question do it in single screen with display variable, 

like you have 18 question, for each question you will have container with display condition in single screen .

Create a local Boolean variable, and on each next click change its value to true and assign that boolean variable to container's display property so that your next question conation can display.

Hope this help,



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