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I need a help. 

I have a input that have a Date Variable and the format is "dd/mm/yyyy" but i need the format is "yyyy/mm/dd" and i can't use the Date Picker widget:

I can't use the widger because Outsystems' own is less complete in terms of features and range of years than the input.

Hello Thiago,

You can use a mask, for example this from forge

Use like this:

The result is something like this:

I think this is what you are looking for.

I already use but the behavior is strange.

Because the right formatting is applied but I lose the calendar click as I have in the image.

Hi Thiago,

I am assuming you are using Input_calender widget from rich widgets , 

if yes then it has date format property where you can specify the format that you want,

Hope this help,




I'm not using... Client decision...

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