[Pushwoosh Plugin] No GetPushwooshHwID client action in Latest version
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Hello All,

Since we need to update PW plugin to latest version in order to comply with Google's latest policies. We are using PW plugin as an clone to satisfy some of our use cases, in which we are using  "GetPushwooshHwID" client action in some of the pages to get HW id of the device.

But when i compared it to latest version , this function has been omitted as seen in below screen shot.

Could you please help us know why is this removed and what to use in place of this "GetPushwooshHwID" client action on our cloned version? 


Nitesh Ahirwar

I´ve read your post and went check if we have that function on the new versions but we have not.

Cant you just copy that client action to the your clone with the new version?

Hello Pedro ,

Thanks for replying , we can copy paste the action but my question is what about its replacement in new release if users were using this function in old one when they tried to update the plugin . 

Weren't they getting any error due to non existence of this action in newer version after upgrade?

Also we were using "GetPushwooshHwID" client action since it was returning device HWId with new pattern as compared to GetDeviceId client action.

I think that the plugin will be used when generating the mobile apps. 

So the users with the old version of the plugin will still be using the old version even when you release the new one.

Only users that install the new app with the new version of the plugin will be using the new version.

Do a test :)

Hello Nitesh,

Could you please let me know what is the Pushwoosh plugin version you are updating from? I have checked the recent releases and there was no such action there. Could it be that you used an old fork that had this method manually added?


Vitaly Romanychev
Pushwoosh Team

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