[OAuth2 Provider] modify URI scheme after api call
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Dear Team,

I am trying to do oAuth2.0 integration, in my scenario after calling this URL

Following are the current steps which we are doing to achieve the same:
1) Start oAuth2.0 flow by calling API with required parameters as below example:
https://qa.xxxxxx.xx/xxxx/oauth/main- as?redirect_uri=ae.seha.dev://sehamobile/TestPage&client_id=xxxxx&state=xxxxx==&response_type=code&scope=xxxxxxx&acr_values=xxxxxxxxxxxx

I need to monitor WebView and i am getting one URI scheme inside it and i need to modify that URI scheme. So that it can launch the mobile app.

I will get myapp://something and i need to replace it to myappqa://something

and it will open this qa app which is installed in my device.

Can you please help me in which event i can modify it. 


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