funnel highcharts demo error

I am using the AdvancedFormatInit to change the type of my chart to funnel. I have an onInitialize action that starts a flow in which i use advanced format init action. First i tried to copy a full demo from into the highchartsJSON in the action and save the variable advanced format to the screen that i am displaying the funnel chart.

I then drag an areachart widget and apply the var to the advanced format field in it. When i go to the screen i get an error Highcharts error #17:

Does anybody know what does the error mean? Is it that i dont have modules/funnel that is required in the higcharts documentation and if so what is the right way to access the higcharts modules.

Can nybody tell me if i am doing something wrong and what shoud i do? 

In addition i copied the scripts of the highcharts and funnel dependencies and uploaded them as simple scripts in my app as required scripts for this screen. Thank u in advance.



Hi roy, 

Hope you are doing well.

Error Highcharts error #17 -> In those JSON  for  Chart : {Type: 'funnel ' ,   there may be  lack of required  script. that's reason for not recognizing tyep.

Please Look my approach.

- > Don't need to use AdvancedFormatInit  at onInitialize . 

Use directly HighchartJSON at AdvancedFormat property of PieChart.

Put below code in AdvancedFormat property.But there should be required JS for funnel.

AdvancedFormat_Init( DataPointFormats:,DataSeriesFormats:,XAxisJSON:,YAxisJSON:,HighchartsJSON:

chart: {
        marginRight: 100
 plotOptions: {
    series: {
        dataLabels: {
            enabled: true,
            format: '<b>{}</b> ({point.y:,.0f})',
            color: (Highcharts.theme && Highcharts.theme.contrastTextColor) || 'black',
            softConnector: true
        neckWidth: '30%',
        neckHeight: '25%'
legend: {
    enabled: false

Make sure you have required script for Funnel.

If it is not available then create a script file and use it in your screen. You can get that JS from my txt file. Just copy it and paste that Script window.

Check - Sample

Hope this help,

Thanks and Regards,



Thank you vey much! It worked.

Please Mark it as solution. So that other can also be  benifited.


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