How can I perform update or insert in any entity which is expose using Rest Api?
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11.10.19 (Build 41209)

Suppose any update, insert are required to perform in any entities which are exposed or consume using  Rest API. Then what are the steps or processes to do that, somebody please give me any video or link through which I can understand these things easily OutSystems.

Hi Arya,

this video is explaining:

Hello Arya,

Based on your post it is not clear whether you are already familiar with exposing and consuming REST APIs, and if that you just had a specific question related to a specific scenario.

If, however, you are new to exposing and consuming REST APIs then I would recommend starting off here:

Additionally you have detailed documentation available as follows:

If that's not enough several you tube videos are just a search away for e.g.

Happy learning!


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