Disable opening pop up related widgets to open in new tab

Hi Team,

1) How to disable a pop up related widgets to open in a new tab?

2) And also when opening a pop up related widgets in a new tab the input parameter to the pop up screen is exposed in the URL. How to avoid exposing it?

For normal screen to avoid exposing those in the URL I have used submit method but that is not possible in case of pop up.


Ajithkumar Radhakrishnan

Hi Ajithkumar Radhakrishnan,

Do let me know if my understanding is correct

1. You want to navigate to a new screen from pop up ???

2. Also want to encrypt the  input parameter  parameter values in the URL ???

Hi Deepa,

Not to navigate a pop up to a new screen. When a pop up editor is linked to a link you will be able to open it in a new tab. I want opening it in a new tab to be restricted.  

Second one is to encrypt or avoid exposing input parameters.



Hi @Ajithkumar,

thanks for the reply below are the suggestions ,

1. You can disable the browser right click on the link using the JS, which will  restrict the pop up opening in new tab.

Js example  to disable the right click:- 

$(document).ready(function() {


     return false;


2. For the  input parameter  parameter values in the URL you can use  encrypted and decrypted functions of crypto API's.


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