[Amazon S3] SaveFile action return Access Denied
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I have tested the module for ListFiles, DeleteFile.

However, I didn't manage to save/upload the file. It return access denied.

What i have tried :

a) Using AWS S3 admin access and secret key : Access Denied

b) Create new policy with List,Read,Write access to all resource : Access Denied

I have attached the Action Properties for reference. 

Below is the properties info:

Token : I use the same token for delete and listing.

Bucket Name : "dev-edplas"

Key : FormatDateTime(CurrDateTime(),"yyyyMMddHmmss")

Input : The file binary




Since it's webservices, I would opt to turn on the debugging level to full and see what you actually send out and return.

Also, try to reproduce it with Postman or something similar, so you can exclude token-issues etc.

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