CSS naming convention for Outsystems UI core widget

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I was wondering if anyone knew the rational of the OutsystemsUI core widgets like Table Records, Buttons and etc. have its CSS class naming convention retained in the format similar to SilkUI; like ".Button, .TableRecords" instead of updating them similar to other UI Patterns in lowercase and dash like ".button .table-records"?

Would it be for the legacy compatibility? And would they eventually be updated so the CSS naming would be consistent in the future?



afaik the new  standard is indeed BEM.

It used to be case-sensitive and indeed it's a bit legacy.


Like J. said, this is a case of legacy / different time periods when these asset were created.

OutSystems UI for Traditional Web overrides a set of core widgets that have that older convention, while for Reactive Web, OutSystems UI and core widgets follow the same, more recent conventions.

It's a modified BEM in a way.

Let me know if there are any questions :)

Thanks @Dinis Carvalho and @J.!

@Dinis Carvalho would OutSystems UI for Traditional Web core widgets eventually be updated to have the recent conventions so the classes will be more aligned in the future? Or will the future be more to move away from Traditional Web and recommended to go with Reactive Web

There will still be updates an improvements in the future,  but it's not likely that OutSystems UI Web or any of the traditional web core widgets will change the classes in a near future, so to be 100% transparent, don't expect any changes.

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