How to autorefresh specific webblocks of a webpage every x seconds in REACTIVE WEB?

I am new to outsystems, I am facing a problem while implementing autorefresh in (Reactive web) a particular webblock data in a webpage every 15 mins. i have even searched various forge and Javascripts, but they are not working for me.


Try this javascript : window.history.pushstate  or

history.pushState(state, title [, url])

this may help to refresh browser after few seconds.


actually I don't want to refresh the browser. I want o refresh the specific block on a webpage every 15 mins.

I always use window.setTimeout(function, milliseconds);  when I need to refresh something every so and so seconds.

you may put the client action that refreshes the data on the function part of the setTimeout

Hi Grace,

i did try this method and called the action instead of function but still its not refreshing automatically after every 5 sec. You can check the image


Can you show what is inside the AutoRefresh and which data needs to be refreshed? 

Also, when do you run this javascript?


I apologize, I got confused with setTimeout and setInterval.

It must be setInterval something like this.

setInterval(function () {


}, 1000);

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