[Ultimate PDF] Forge | The application could not be downloaded from the web.
Forge component by Leonardo Fernandes
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.10.19 (Build 41208)
Platform Version
11.11.1 (Build 28426)

For past an hour, I'm unable to update the component to the latest stable, it's throwing below error message. Since other components are updating well, I doubt if any issue with our environment or network. What could be the reason?

Unable to download file: https://s3.amazonaws.com/downloads.outsystems.com/www/NetworkSolutions/Ultimate.PDF-3.0.3_O11.oap?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAV6JFL577CS2VIAMO&Expires=1619005871&Signature=CDAdcyxNVWV4ifWl0U1HT9roLbk%3D



I just installed this component in my personal environment and it went through fine. Maybe try closing and restarting service studio. Maybe even a computer restart will be required. Also you may want to try installing it in a personal environment to see if its a platform issue or if its a service studio issue. 

Let me know if this helps!



You can also do the direct download from Forge and after that install it in your environment.

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