Combo box not available in Version 11.10.19

Hi all,

I am trying to use a combo box to display some records from a static entity but there doesn't seem to be a combo box in my OutSystems studio. Has it been replaced by dropdown? not sure if there is a difference between combo box or dropdown in terms of their functionality but the properties seem different. I am using Version 11.10.19 Outsystem Studio 

Hi Tamin,

Which application type your using 

Reactive or 


Yes In reactive the combo box is replaced with Drop down, you can use drop down,

If its reactive you can find it with name "Drop down",

If it's traditional, you can find it with name combo box,



Hi Komal,

Thanks for that! I was wondering what is the equivalent of a special list in the dropdown box? In the combo box, you can select a special list but I am unable to see it in the dropdown box.

Hi Tamim, 

Besides above answer if you are facing problem in property setting. You can see below screenshot.

Check Documentation

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Hi Tamim,

Hope you are safe and doing good!

Please refer attached OML to get an idea how you can add special values to the Reactive dropdown. I have created a new entity Countries whose data I have bootstrapped through excel. I am also attaching that excel for your ready reference. Kindly review this solution and let me know, if you have any concern.

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Please find attached excel to bootstrap the countries entity data.


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