How to Code plug-in to OutSystems
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Service Studio Version
11.10.20 (Build 41361)
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11.10.4 (Build 29616)


I try figure out the best Way to build a gyro plug-in to OutSystems. I can’t find a good one in the forge, and cordova is also not the best. i tried to build it with xamarin, but get a lot of problems with this in OutSystems 

So now is my question. What is the best approach to build a plug-in. Is it to use c# or still cordova?

Hi Klaus,

Here is the complete Guide to creating OutSystems components. In terms of plugin the most popular one on the platform is Apache Cordova.

I would recommend to read about using Cordova Plugins.



When you say gyro, do you mean the gyroscope sensor in the device? There's an open API for gyroscope available to web applications today:

So, as I understand it (I'm new to OutSystems), you could create an OutSystems component that exposes it in an easy to use way for an OutSystems app to consume. You'd make an Apache Cordova plugin if you wanted to expose an internal device API or access to some specific hardware component that doesn't already have a web API.  My point is that you don't need to make a Apache Cordova plugin for this since the API is already available in the web space. 

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